Ready to save the summer!

Publisert 08.02.17

For the past 60 years, the snow blower producer Tokvam AS has made winter easy. Now we are making all seasons easy.

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We are launching a new product portfolio within road maintenance. We are rigged and ready for all seasons says general manager Finn Kristian Tokvam. The company started out in the last part of the 1950s as a small scaled blacksmith, and has throughout the years grown into an established and well known supplier of quality snow blowers and sand and salt spreaders. Production of snow ploughs is also a major part of the company.

Tokvam AS has now taken the step of becoming a total supplier of road maintenance – all year round. – We are excited and our customers should expect the same premium functionality, quality and service that they are used to from other Tokvam products, says Finn Kristian Tokvam.

The first of the new products to be launched is a front mounted sweeper with a build-in floating system that follows the terrain. It works with tractors, wheel loaders and other special machines. It is without a collector and designed to be used in high speed, The all year round effort is aimed both for the wheel loader and tractor segment. – Tokvam should be an actor to be reckoned with in both these areas.

Last year Tokvam AS signed a joint venture agreement with Felleskjøpet Agri SA. Central to this agreement was a mutual commitment to help develop each other. Finn Kristian Tokvam says that to become a total supplier within the road maintenance market, this was a natural step to take. - We also have a clear ambition to grow outside Norway. To achieve this, we must acknowledge that there are few markets that are just as winter focused as we are in the Nordic countries. To grow and be big international, we must make Tokvam relevant all year round.

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