Chain mulchers

Chain mulchers efficency

Chain mulchers from Ilsbo can easily be mounted on different types of machines. We have a large selection of both mechanical mulchers mulch for tractors and hydraulic mulchers for excavators, wheel loaders and road mower cranes. 

Ilsbo chain mulcers is suitable for cutting bushes, shrubs up to 100 mm and long grass growth. The machines are equipped with chains and can therefore also be used in areas with rocks and lots and lots of high vegetation. Chains has also proven to be the most economical alternative when clearing shrubs in demanding and harsh environments. In addition, this way of cutting edges is superior when it comes to inhibiting regrowth.

Ilsbo by Tokvam 

Since 1958, Tokvam has developed and produced snow removal equipment from our location at Reinsvoll, Norway. Developments have taken us to new product areas, but the core focus have always been road maintenance.

Accessibility and traffic safety is in focus when Tokvam promotes new products. With the acquisition of Ilsbo, Tokvam makes new steps towards being able to deliver accessibility and traffic safety to the same customer group all year round.

We are proud and humbled to acquire such a recognized brand name. We want to honor Ilsbo’s core values by continuing to listen to the customer and deliver high quality machines.

In addition, we will increase focus and speed on product development to ensure that Ilsbo chain mulchers will solve tomorrow’s challenges.

Iilsbo M160 S 2020 1


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