Privacy Policy

In this privacy policy you will find information concerning how Tokvam collects and uses personal data. Tokvam, here the CEO, is responsible for how the company's personal data is handled. When the daily responsibility is delegated, it will be stipulated under each relevant post. The delegation only concerns the tasks, and not the responsibility. The policy contains information you are entitled to when data is collected from our website and general information about how we handle personal information.

Submission of forms on the website

In the form requesting an offer from, or forwarding an enquiry to the supplier, you can send the form to a selected supplier. You choose if you want to use the form for enquiries. In the form we ask for your e-mail and phone number as well as postal code, so you can find the supplier closest to you. When you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail stating that the submission has been successful. The information is then forwarded to the supplier you have chosen, as well as to Tokvam, via e-mail. Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose than to process the enquiry.

Forms also give you the option to voluntarily subscribing to Tokvam's newsletter.

The information is stored in HubSpot CRM.

If you apply for a job with Tokvam, we need to process information about you to consider your application. The basis for this is regulated in the Privacy Regulation, article 6 num. 1b) - the processing is necessary to adhere to an agreement the applicant is a part of, or to implement steps requested by the applicant ahead of an agreement. If your application contains special categories of personal data, our basis for processing is regulated in the Privacy Regulation article 9 num. 2b) and h).


At your location is tracked anonymously to find the nearest supplier.

You decide if you want to allow your location to be recognised when you visit the website and you can manage the location identifier in your browser.


Tokvam publish newsletters. For us to be able to send e-mails you need to register an e-mail address. Newsletters are sent via HubSpot.

You can choose to cancel the newsletter through a link present in each newsletter.


The Personal Data Act incorporates your right to ask us what data we have stored about you, the source of this data, and how this data has been used. This type of request must be in writing and addressed to the recipient below.

When enquiries for personal data that has been forwarded to suppliers, a request is addressed to the relevant supplier. If you have supplied and e-mail address the supplier in question will be defined in the e-mail you receive regarding the successful submission.

At any point in time you are also able to withdraw your consent regarding us processing your data. If you wish to update your information, change preference of communication, withdraw your consent or if you don't wish to receive marketing from us in the future, please address a written request to:

Tokvam as

Vestre Totenvei 1135

2840 Reinsvoll


E-mail: subject: Personal data registered with Tokvam


We understand how important security is for our customers. When you submit a form and store your information on our website, the highest level of security is adhered to. All personal data is stored in a safe environment.

Our website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. This is highly advanced security software currently available for online transactions. It encrypts all your personal data, including your name and address, so it can't be read as information over the internet.

You know you are on a safe website when "http" is replaced with "https" in the browser’s address bar. A small locked padlock will also be visible in the lower right corner of the browser window.

Updates to the privacy statement and guidelines for cookies

We can change our statements regarding privacy and cookies from time to time. This is to adhere to framework conditions, commercial needs, or to satisfy the needs of our users and service providers. Updated versions will be published on our website and the date the changes were made will be visible. This way you will always be aware when the last update took place.

By clicking 'Accept All' you consent that we may collect information about you for various purposes, including: Statistics and Marketing