Snowplows from Tokvam are characterized by strong construction and good material choices that provide high strength and a long service life.

Snowplow for efficient removal of snow and ice

Tokvam's snowplows can be found both as a u-plow and a v-plow. Our patented FlexFlow - flow and attachment system ensures ease of use and flexible usage options. In addition, it leads to superior accessibility and good driving comfort.

Snowplow carriers and areas of use

Tokvam snowplows are available in different working widths. Our v-plows are available in working widths from 280 cm to 380 cm. The u-plows have working widths from 400 cm to 490 cm. Both the v-plows and u-plows have in common that they are suitable for both tractors and wheel loaders. See specifications under each product.

Advantages of the Tokvam snowplows:

  • Good material choices that provide a long service life.
  • Superior accessibility.
  • Flexible possibilities of use.
  • Flow and throwing properties in the top class.
  • Designed to fit most types of carrier machines.

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